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A Fork In The Road

Seems to me, Gus, we’ve successfully negotiated a fork in the road. The destination has always been – write, record and perform honest music on our terms.

Thing is, my vision was blurred for a few years, taking time off from my public school teaching gig and putting too much emphasis on the pursuit of plans to corral Facebook and Twitter fans, finding a manager and booking agent, getting a ‘big break’, etc.. Not being passionate about these pursuits, failure was a natural and humbling result. The irony being, our songs finding their way onto major TV networks, a movie with Michael Douglas, Mary-Louise Parker, Jesse Eisenberg (and more), commercials, and having constant airplay on Sirius and XM as well as many other stations had nothing to do with our self-promoting abilities – or from having any kind of management. Those successes happened because the songs were good enough to find their own way. We could have forced a continuation down that path, hoping these pursuits would get us some hype, but goals were made and dates were set to meet those goals…and they were never met.

So, a change in direction it was, and the last turn is landing us right back to our original destination. We are, once again, public school teachers in full control of what we write, record, release and perform. Being passionate about our day jobs allows for all the more passion to be spent on music. No one else is dependent on our music to make money and vice versa. There is no middle-man between outside influences and our passion for making music. There are no compromising factors in our commitment to writing and recording the very best songs we can…songs that serve a meaningful purpose to us. I can’t imagine doing it any other way…

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