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Thank You

We need to thank some people who have helped us get our music out there to be heard. A lot of effort goes into creating what you see and hear on our website and in our performances, and we haven’t done it alone.

This website would not be up and running if it were not for Nalini Sekhri Martinez and Mike Fisher. The hours, energy, and effort these two have spent are far too great to measure. Building a website is a painful process (Joe can tell you some stories) and Nalini and Fish built this website from the ground up. What you see is impressive enough, but we are equally impressed with how they did it. Thank you, Nalini and Fish, for all your hard work!

We are most fortunate to have a group of fine musicians behind us who make the music come alive in our performances. Denis Pachas (on drums), Andy Bailey (on bass), and Christopher Vann (on guitar) have gathered with us at the Forest on Sunday mornings for over a year now, working out arrangements of our tunes for our live shows. Their talent and professionalism are matched only by their generosity with their time and their attitude toward the music. Plus they’re fun to be around! Thank you Denis, Andy and Chris!

And where would we be without the endless support of our families and friends? Thanks to all of YOU. You know who you are.

Joe & Gus

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