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I’d Say Go (from Joe)

A few words about the song I’d Say Go. It was originally written about a decade ago and has undergone some changes over the years. In the player below, you can hear the very first original draft recording I did of this song (c.1999). You’ll hear it’s come a long way.
Say Go (Demo)
I’d Say Go was originally going to be part of the Gathering Change release in ’06, but it just wasn’t ready at that point. The song has evolved over the years. Phrases (and even verses) have come and gone. For example, the chorus used to be “I’d say go” throughout, but in the final version the only time you hear the entire phrase is at the very end of the song. Gus came up with this during a recording session and we found that it helped emphasize the theme of the song, which for me is the struggle of not just saying what you think is right, but believing it too.

In my head I always heard a cello in this song and was lucky to find Fred Lieder, who laid down that beautiful cello track.

I also always heard a piano part. Not wanting to weed through lists of piano players, I taught myself to play the part I was hearing. And that’s how what you hear on the final version came to be!

Check out photos from the recording session with Fred as well as other photos relating to I’d Say Go, here.


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