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Another Listen (from Joe)

The day after finally having 4 songs officially mastered and ready for the world, I went back and read the last blog I wrote, ‘A First Listen’ from almost a year ago. So, Gus, did you have some concerns about the songs back in January? Or maybe I should also be asking if you have concerns about them now! It wasn’t so much of a conscious decision, but judging by how many blogs I’ve written since January, it’s safe to assume I went into a bit of a hibernation mode to try and get the tunes done. Here we are almost a year later and we’re finally releasing a song. As expected, getting to this point did not go as planned.

Say a word out loud 20 times in a row and it changes on you. One of the challenges of working on a song is hearing it over and over again – it changes on you. Fighting through that, I know I’m done with a song when I stop hearing it as a bunch of parts/tracks and instead hear it as a song. It was with relief and pride that while driving home from mastering last night, I played the songs, and they felt right. I heard them as songs. I know some musicians say they don’t listen to their songs once completed, but I do. Not to be self indulgent, but it’s great to hear the proof that a process so complicated and difficult (at least for me) can turn out feeling so right. It’s a life lesson for me that I like to be reminded of. I also like to think that these songs serve as a positive reflection of all who are around us and supporting us…musically and otherwise.


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