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A First Listen

Well, Gus, I was apprehensive about our getting together the other night as it would be the first time you’d be hearing some of the recorded instrument tracks for our new songs. What if upon hearing each song you didn’t wink, do a cartwheel, pat me on the back, and give me a high-five? I kid…mostly. Stating the obvious here, a great deal of time and energy had been spent getting the songs just to this foundational stage. If you hadn’t liked what you heard, then what? I arrived at your house, not fully acknowledging or appreciating how uneasy I was feeling. How do you like the fact that rather than getting right to the songs, I had the brilliant idea of taking photos for the new website? How does one make an uncomfortable moment worse? Pass a camera around and document it! On my best day, I’d rather start a diet and exercise for 6 hours than have photos be taken of myself.

Having reached the music portion of our night, I pressed play on the recorder and my worst fears were met. You didn’t wink, do a cartwheel, pat me on the back OR give me a high-five. In retrospect, you were in a no-win situation. Anything less than that reaction and I would have been bummed, and I was. While everything you had to say was either positive or constructive, I could tell the songs were not what you were hoping they could or should be. Usually if some self-doubt is fed by an outside force, I start over or forget about it all together. Generally speaking, since I was a child, if I whole-heartedly believe in something and face some resistance, one can rest assured that I won’t let it go and will (obsessively) see it through to a, more often than not, successful completion. With that as the base – I feel we’re in pretty good shape with the songs! I feel comfortable that, when the layering of tracks is completed, these songs will be what you and I think they can and should be. Most of all, I’m truly grateful to write all of this knowing that you trust me to do that.


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