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Re: Mixed Feelings…

Well said, Gus.

We caught a break…

The day after I found out that Bill Evans at XM started playing our tunes I sent him an email and told him he was responsible for 125 sixth graders not learning how to simplify fractions the previous day – the day I learned of the airplay at school (for those that don’t know, at the time I was a sixth grade math teacher and a stunned one at that). I have to say, he is responsible for a bit more. In the following days, a wave of realization hit me. A wave strong enough to eventually convince me to decide to quit my job teaching and pursue music. Bill, by putting our tunes in regular rotation, allowed our songs to occupy a small space among playlists consisting of amazing career artists and implied we were worthy enough to be heard by people who pay to hear their music on satellite radio. A most amazing compliment and one I did not take lightly. Like I said, we caught a break, and have been riding it ever since. Thank you, Bill.


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